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A soakaway is a hole excavated into the ground that is then filled with plastic crates, wrapped with membrane which prevents root ingress but disperses the water into the ground around it, surrounded by 20mm clean stone, then back filled with earth, allowing water to filter through it, and soakaway into the ground.


Soakaways are effectively used as a solution in areas prone to surface water, acting as an alternative to drain away surface water to a natural water stream or a drainage system.


They collect water in a controlled manner that is gathering above ground, our engineers will investigate the landscape and will recommend the best effective, beneficial location for a soakaway to be installed, or another drainage solution if an option.


Dealing with continuous flooding within your property’s boundaries can feel daunting, as the effects of flooding can be damaging in so many ways, soakaways prevent flooding during heavy down pours, dealing with excess water in situations where the volume of water is too high for drainage systems to manage, soakaways have both commercial and domestic application purposes.

French Drains

Another surface water solution associated with soakaways is a French Drain, where a soakaway will not be effective or beneficial, due to sand or clay within the grounds, but it is Constructed in a similar way, with an excavated trench line filled with gravel, and a drainpipe line directing the surface water away to a natural water stream or drainage system nearby, then back filled with earth, French drains can also be connected to soakaways if soakaways are required to be installed closer to the property.

Channel / Trench Drains

Channel drains, trench drains or strip drains are linear drainage applications used to prevent surface and rain water from flooding areas such as garages, basements, driveways and gardens, we specialise in many ways to prevent surface water, and provide effective solutions to help you resolve areas of surface waters and places it may be effecting.

Our engineers work by the Environments Agency’s General Binding Rules, meaning we would never install anything wrongly or illegally, we do things correctly and professionally.

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