Pitch Fibre Pipe Solutions


Pitch Fibre pipes were a cheaper, lightweight, and easier to handle material back in the day, around 30 years ago, made of wood cellulose impregnated with inert coal tar pitch, they were manufactured in 8ft lengths with push fit joints.


We specialise in removing and replacing, or repairing pitch fibre drainage systems, if your property has pitch fibre drainpipes, we highly recommend having it relined or removed, and replace with a more modern up to date drainage system, as it may be the reasons for reoccurring drainage issues you may be experiencing, or may soon in the future, it is just a matter of time.


As pitch fibre pipes are made from wood cellulose impregnated with inert coal tar pitch, it means it is subjected to more stresses and strains of the modern life, than the up-to-date drainpipe materials used today, pitch fibre pipes are especially prone to breakage, or losing its shape.


If you are not sure whether you have pitch fibre pipes, or you have regular issues with your drainage system, it would be a privilege to inspect your drainage system for you and resolving any issues you may have.


An extremely helpful drainage solutions linked to this type of drainage, head over to our Drain Relining page.

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