Blocked Drains

Cleared From £65.00+VAT

It's usually due to the items you flush down your toilet, If on the other hand, a kitchen drain is blocked, it could be because of food particles, grease and other debris which is washed into the external pipes, bath and shower drains can be blocked due to a long period of build up or an object going down it, we will unblock, clean & get flow back to your drains again, any drainage issues caused by a recurring blocked drain can be resolved, the engineer will state the problem, hand over a quote, and await your call.


Drain Repairs

A collapsed drain is the most common when repairs are required, this can be caused by recurring drain blockages putting pressure on the pipes to break, Also by accidental human error, or even a change of weight above ground where pipes are located, Regardless to the cause, we are happy to provide our service and repair if possible or replace the damaged with new pipes.


CCTV Surveys

£149.99 +VAT

A CCTV drain survey is an inspection of your drainage system, using a high-tech reeled camera, being the eyes where we can't see, the long leaded camera is inserted into your drains, giving the engineer a live feed back to the equipment's screen, letting our drainage engineers get a good view into your drains so they can identify any issues if any, that may be occurring.

If any issues are found, a quote for repairs and a copy of the survey will be provided.


Drain Installations

We are experienced, skilled and equipped to install all aspects of drainage systems you require, maybe your property's drainage system is out dated, or been damaged by human error that needs replacing, or even a long period of recurring blockages causing pipes to collapse, you could also be making your property bigger, and need a new drain system added to suit the new build, installed and connected to the already existing drainage system, get a free no obligation quote today!


Flood Prevention

Have you been getting surface water that is really getting on your nerves, restricting you from areas of your property,

Drop your wellies and pick up the phone, we have numerous ways of dealing with flooding, for example, if the flood is caused by rain, we could think about installing trench or channel drains to divert surface waters to the main drainage system, or a soakaway depending of the severity of the issue, soakaways are designed to drain away excess water caused by heavy rainfall that the drainage system of your home struggles to keep up with, if its caused by rising waters of some sort, we could look into a barricade to divert surface water or install a anti-flood valve to your drainage system, Call us today, we will be happy to come up with a solution.


Treatment Plants

As the sewage enters a treatment plant, it flows through a screen, which removes large floating objects that may clog pipes or damage equipment. After the sewage has been separated from the objects, it passes into a grit chamber, where tiny objects such as sand, stones or cinders settle to the bottom, The sewage treatment plant will need emptying at some point, usually once a year, so you will want to site it in a reasonable location on your property's grounds for your own preference and for easy access for it to be emptied,

Through the treatment of wastewater, the amount of waste that is usually released into the environment is reduced improving the environment's health. By doing this, the government in turn reduces the health risks associated with the environmental pollution, and reduces the water loss induced through water pollution.

Call us today for more details or any enquires.


Tank Emptying

As stated above ( Treatment Plants) we recommend to be emptied at least once a year depending on the plants use and demand, if you require a plant tank to be emptied or repaired, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Leak Detection

An efficient and thorough drain investigation is carried out to identify if any leaks are occurring within your property's drainage system, allowing us to provide recommendations for the less cost effective and non disruptive methods we could provide, including no dig, descaling, cleansing and root removal, our well equipped, highly trained & experienced engineers use a high-tech reeled camera with a high pressure jetting combination to provide a before and after inspection, this is crucial in leak detecting, as traditional contractors will often jet the drain or sewer first, destroying any evidence for those that require evidence for insurances.


Drain Servicing

Yearly servicing is recommended to keep your drains in tip top condition, reducing future problems or catching them before the worst hits, why wait till things get bad, by having a CCTV Survey and a High Pressure Jetting clean of your drain system every year, is the sensible yet healthy option for your property, and your pockets.



Drain relining is a no-dig drain repair process, curing them from the inside, using a resin base chemical, the resin cures with time in order to form another strong like pipe around the inner original pipe, the lining can last 50 years or more, relining if do-able should be the choice when the cost of excavating is too expensive, non disruptive, no-dig drain repair, at an affordable price.


Root Removal

If tree roots are growing into your drains, firstly we will inspect the situation by a drain CCTV to identify the severity, most cases can be cut through and cleared with our electro-mechanical root removal tools, finished off with a high pressure jetting clean, if the issue is more complexed, a copy of the CCTV survey and a quote of cost will be provided, for the proof of damage and the repairs required.


Drain Mapping

It is part of the detective work that needs doing before a building project can go ahead, any construction or refurbishment project that involves building over existing drain or sewer pipes will require accurate information in advance of work commencing.



Designed to drain away excess water caused by heavy rainfall or rising waters that the drainage system struggles to keep up with, if you require a soakaway, one of our engineers will pop around to investigate the grounds to advise you where the most suitable and effective place is to have a soakaway installed.


Pitch Fibre Pipes

We specialise in removing or repairing pitch fibre drain works, If your property has a pitch fibre drainage system we highly recommend having it relined or removed, and replace with the more modern drainage pipes of today,

Pitch fibre pipes are made from wood cellulose impregnated with inert coal tar pitch, any type of drainage pipe is subjected to the stresses and strains of modern life, but pitch fibre pipes in particular are especially prone to breakage,

Renew the old today!


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