Drain Relining

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Drain relining is a no-dig/excavation drain repair process, curing them from the inside, using a resin base chemical, the resin cures with time to form another strong like pipe around the inner original pipe, the lining can last up to 75 years or more with a 20 year company guarantee, relining if do-able should be the choice when the cost of excavating is too expensive.

Relining is a non-excavational, non-disrupting, fast and effective way to replenish your drainpipes back to perfect flow, if your drainpipes have fallen victim to cracks & breaks, drain relining is the solution, and at an affordable price.

With years of experience, we are specialists at drain relining, we have relined hundreds if not thousands of miles of draining for many different reasons, from lining basic manhole routes, to bending single entry pipes on a building roof.

The most common for drain relining we always come across, is people with a pitch fibre drainpipe systems on their property, this way of drainage has been stopped for over 40 years, so it’s mainly older buildings that may have this type of drainage system, over time the pipes start loosing their shape, and become prone to damages, if the damages have not gone to a replaceable state, and relining is an option, we can get this started and finished in the same day.

We can fix pitch fibre drainage systems by using a re-rounding winch to bring drain pipes back to a fairly normal formation, then on to relining the effected drain line with a resin liner keeping the pipe open and strong, preventing any future issues that may arise by pitch fibre drainage systems.

If the pitch fibre pipes have become in a worst state so relining is not an option, replacement pipe installation would be the only way, head over to our Repairs & Installations page for more information.

Call today or fill out our get a quote form to schedule an engineer to inspect your drainage system, provide a free no obligation quotation, and at a competitive price.

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