Blocked Drains

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A blocked drain is commonly cause by items mistakenly being flushed down the toilet not knowing the side effects, one prime example we see often is wet wipes, wet wipes may catch on to any debris that have attached themselves to the inside of the drainpipes, for example a scale build-up, or an aging very slightly misplacement pipes, which can sometimes occur over time.

The blocking issue whatever that may be will gather more and more until the pipe is completely blocked, a blocked drain can normally be prodded through with drain rods, if it is a hard block, we may need to use our high-pressured jetting system which will clear and clean the pipes completely, reversing the drainpipes back to perfect flow.

After a blockage is removed, we will send our CCTV drain camera internally to inspect the drain for any issues there may be, whether damages caused by the block, or if there is a reason for reoccurring blockages down there, we will find it.

If issues are found, we will show you proof from our video recording, and the engineer will be able to give you a free no obligation quotation on site to resolve the problem of blocked drains reoccurring, or if there are any aspects of drainage works needed to be carried out, the engineer will explain in detail and offer a competitive price.

There is not a drainage issue we do not have a solution for.

If the problem has arisen from your kitchen sink, gully drain, it may be the cause of grease, food particles or other substances that causes build-ups within your external drainpipes.

With our expertise within the drainage industry we can resolve this issue quickly and effectively, flushing through a pipe cleaning descale chemical, finishing off with a high pressured jet wash internally, to get rid of any blockages and cleaning away all debris within, also this will prevent future blocked drains from happening.

After blockages are removed and pipes are cleaned, we will send our CCTV drain cameras down to inspect the drain for any issues there may be, but 9 times out of 10, an unblocked, descaled and a thorough clean of the pipes leading from the kitchen gets the job done.


Root Ingress - Removal

If tree roots are growing into your drains, firstly we will inspect the situation by a drain CCTV survey to identify the severity, most cases can be cut through and cleared with our electro-mechanical root removal tools, finished off with a high pressure jetting clean, if the issue is more complexed, a copy of the CCTV survey and a free no obligation quotation of cost will be provided to resolve the issue, for the proof of damage and the repairs that are required.

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